Artworks by Lydia

"Willa Gets Her Friendship Bands," Children's Book (12)

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Written, illustrated, and signed by Lydia Thompson.

The story of how a young bird got its bands. 
This book is Lydia's first children's book in a series of books about threatened shorebirds. Preservation and conservation of bird habitats are her primary concerns. She is taking her love of birds and her talent of printmaking and combining them into a way of life. 

"We are losing our wild birds. It is very subtle. There were six areas with Wood Thrushes singing on my Breeding Bird Surveys twenty year ago. Today, there are none. In 1980 there was a colony of Least Terns, Black Skimmers, Willets and Wilson’s Plovers on the south end of Jekyll Island. Today, there is one pair of Wilson’s Plover nesting." - Lydia Thompson